Back Stabbers

Blake Academy for the Undead: Prequel


High school bites, and then you die.

When Gwen Donovan’s mom pressures her to attend an exclusive boarding schoolBlake Academy—for her senior year, she refuses. Not interested in an elite private school, she chooses to stay and finish public school with her best friends, Jade and Aubrey.

During the back-to-school bash on Copperhead Bluff, Jade and Aubrey discover Gwen’s Blake Academy scholarship and acceptance packet and jump to conclusions. When their argument escalates, Gwen falls to her death. 

Imagine her surprise and confusion when a brooding, sarcastic, party-crashing football player from Blake Academy pulls her undead body from the river.

Consumed by rage, bloodlust, and strangely conflicting powers, now she has no choice: she must attend Blake Academy for the Undead. If Gwen doesn’t learn to control the supernatural abilities threatening to overwhelm her, her friends and family will never be safe again. 

Back Stabbers is the heart-pounding first installment in an enthralling new young adult paranormal academy series perfect for fans of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, the CW’s Legacies, and Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars

Follow Gwen into the depths of Blake Academy as she wrestles with her dark impulses and struggles to discern who the real monsters are.

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About Blake Academy for the Undead

With backstabbing friends, who needs bloodsucking enemies? Unfortunately, Gwen has both, and there’s no one she can trust at Blake Academy for the Undead.